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Web presence in 2015 and beyond is crucial for the survival of any Internet involved business. A website is the 21st Century equivalent of a real life shop-front without the massive costs of maintaining stock on hand, staff members, opening hours and all that jazz. The solution – a fully fledged website or e-commerce store with your products stocked to the maximum and effectively “staffed” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is most important to note that a website overheads can be up to 90% lower than the cost of a shop.

There’s no need for bathrooms, counters, wallpapers and all that. With a website you can have all that and more in a succinct online domain maintained by you and your private company for the use of your regular customers in your region, as well as generating new customers for your business through organic and natural search from Google, Bing, Yahoo and more.

Digital Case Studies

Case Study of AmylNitrate.com.au

Personalisation: properly implemented it delivers an experience to your user that is visitor-oriented, quick to inform, relevant and converts the user. However, poorly implemented, it delivers a complicated experience and alienates the user. Knowing your customer is of utmost importance in creating the correct user experience. Our example is an Australian poppers shop called AmylNitrate.com.au which uses a complex array of techniques which appeal to their branch of customers, mostly men from all around Australia. Traditionally a salesman would use your body language (in person, at the store) and probe various questions to find out preferences, gauge your intent and find out your budget. A website should execute this discretely using your digital body language. At Amyl Nitrate they have used potent keyword research to determine the most popular aromas of all time. The ability to know which poppers are the most popular allows the customer to select from his or her known favourites – tried and tested products in this niche most definitely appeal to the customer more than alien aromas to which they have never seen before. In a nostalgic & adult based shop where they “let the good times roll”, it is important to build rapid and effective rapport to ensure maximal sales volume, return customer database and great business reviews across the board. Amyl Nitrate Australia employs these techniques by directing appealing to an Australian Minority which is the main source of regular as well as repeat customers of Jungle Juice, Rush and more.

In real life you may walk into an adult store and head straight to the poppers section to find your all time favourites, however knowing and being able to find these popular aromas such as Jungle Juice, Rush, Amsterdam, Colt, Jacked etc. is different to actually being able to find them on the shelf. With a well established website like amyl nitrate, you will find reputable reviews that you can trust on the onus of previous customers rather than perhaps discussing it with the salesman at an Adult Shop who may not have the very best idea of what is the most popular product in 2015 and beyond.

Websites are far more complex than the brochureware from 2001. Your website is more than just a “website”, especially when this website is your new furbished e-commerce store. Just like Amyl Nitrate Australia, which demonstrates the ability of a wholesaler to take advantage of e-commerce software, they use the Opencart shopping system, as well as various integrated plugins, to fully maximise exposure and impressions of their poppers based store in NSW to not only customers in Sydney and surrounding areas, but to be able to retail amyl nitrate aromas all over the country of Australia.

Your website is the foundation for all inbound marketing activities, on and offline. Being able to maintain a responsive email list is paramount to increasing sales down the track. Amyl Nitrate collectes none other than basic identifiable information of customers who purchase from the store and nonetheless are able to effectively maximise sales through posting great sale and discount offers to thei loyal customer database. Investing wisely in a responsive, easily maintainable website or store, yet maintaining quality content & photography, SEO and a solid web marketing plan is vital even if you can handle some of those tasks in house.