Business Online Forum


Online forums are amazing sources of knowledge about almost anything you can think of. I myself used forums recently to find real estate in Costa Rica, to set up some new software, and to research some gnarly tax issues. But I never really thought of forums as a way to promote myself as a professional and businessman until hearing some of the big names in internet business talk about how they tapped into the power of online forums to lay the foundations for some breathtaking business success.

Why the Forum? 
If you’re not familiar with Yaro Starak’s blog, Entrepreneur’s Journey, then it is definitely worth checking out. For me, the best part of about the blog are the interviews with successful online entrepreneurs, usually in the form of podcasts. They have titles like “How So-and-So made $X Doing Y” and are both inspirational and are really meaty in terms of delivering information relevant to most of us and our businesses right now.

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