LinkedIn’s Testing a New ‘Services’ Listing on Profiles to Help Freelancers


LinkedIn is testing a new option which would enable users to fill in a ‘Services’ section, which could be particularly helpful for freelancers who are looking showcase what they do, and connect with companies looking for the same.

LinkedIn services section example

As you can see in this screenshot (posted by social media code hacker Jane Manchun Wong), the new field asks users to ‘Add services you offer’.

“Are you a freelancer or business owner? Showcase services you offer to find new clients”

Once added, the listing would give profiles visitors a better idea of exactly which services you can facilitate, while you would also, presumably, show up in relevant on-platform searches for freelancers in your field.

The option would theoretically go hand-in-hand with another recent back-end discovery from Wong – a new LinkedIn post option specifically designed to help find a service provider.

LinkedIn 'Find a Service Provider' post

The features would add yet another element to LinkedIn’s growing professional services offering. In recent months, LinkedIn has been putting more focus on maximizing its user data, and helping users find the right matches, both for recruiters and job seekers.

With the freelance economy booming, it makes sense for LinkedIn to also look to cater to this market. More than 56 million Americans are currently employed or seeking work in a freelance capacity, and that figure has increased by almost 4 million since 2014. As remote work becomes more viable, due to increased digital connectivity, the opportunities in this area will only increase.

It’s an interesting concept, and will no doubt prove popular with LinkedIn users – if, indeed, the features do get rolled out.