Facebook’s Working on a New Stories Composer Layout


As part of its ongoing effort to make Stories a bigger part of the Facebook experience, The Social Network is working on a new layout for the Facebook Stories composer, which places more options within immediate, tappable reach.

Facebook Stories composer update

As you can see here, the new layout – spotted by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong – adds a heap more options to the main screen. For comparison, this is the current Facebook Stories composer layout.

Facebook Stories composer

The bottom bar in the new layout covers all the currently available options, while the additional right-hand sidebar would add in quick access to the growing range of Stories tools. There are also ‘Privacy’ and ‘Studio effects’ options on the right.

The idea here is to get more people using more of Facebook’s Stories tools, with a view to making the option more appealing, and more engaging. As noted, Facebook has repeatedly stated that Stories are the future of social sharing, with Stories posts on track to overtake News Feed updates as the primary social update option. Facebook Stories – now at 500 million daily users – has not been as big of a success as Instagram Stories, in terms of overall users to Stories user ratio, but usage is, indeed, growing. Slower, but growing nonetheless.  

In order to get more people across to Facebook Stories, the platform may need to better highlight the range of composer options available – hence this update – in order to help users less familiar with other Stories options to understand the process. 

There’s no word from Facebook on any official release of this update, but it makes sense, and as with many other discoveries from Wong, will likely be launched sometime soon.