Google Gives Search Icons a New Look, with Visual Indicators on Each Element


Google is rolling out a new update to its category icons in search results, which will make it easier to see what each element relates to, with small graphics to the left of the titles.

Google search icons update

As modeled here by Search Engine Land, you can see the new graphic indicators for each section, which may make it a little easier for searchers to quickly access the elements they’re looking for, while also making them, potentially, more universal for users who don’t speak the local language.

Search Engine Land notes that Google has trialed the same before, introducing similar icons next to its search filters back in 2010. Google removed them the following year – but that was some time ago now. Maybe, the search giant believes user behaviors have changed, and people will find more use in the same now. Or it’s just trying out a new look.

The impacts of the change seem relatively limited, but it may cause shifts in searcher habits. We’ll have to wait and see.