27 Instagram Tools Marketers Should Know About in 2019


There are lots of Instagram tools that can help you with your Instagram strategy, but some of them are sharper than others.

With more than two million monthly advertisers on Instagram, marketing with dull tools is not just a waste of time—it’s a competitive disadvantage.

Whether you’re looking for scheduling support, analytics aids, or photo and video editing help, we’ve rounded up the essential tools that every social marketer should have in their Instagram toolbox.

Here are 28 tools that will help you harness Instagram’s full marketing power.

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27 of the best Instagram tools for business

These are the top Instagram tools to use for your various business account needs.

Instagram tools for automation

Many Instagram business tools offer automation features that help social media managers save time and streamline tasks.

Think apps that function like personal assistants, helping to schedule posts, manage comments, and create comments. Not hack apps that buy fake followers and bot engagement.

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite Instagram tool

Instagram posts and videos can be scheduled and published directly from Hootsuite’s dashboard and mobile app. There are several tools within this tool, including Composer, an image editor that lets you resize and adjust photos.

Learn how to schedule your Instagram posts so you can save time and post consistently.

2. Adview

AdView Instagram tool

Created by Synaptive, this app provides tools for monitoring and responding to comments on your Instagram or Facebook ads.

Its dashboard makes it easier to keep track of comments that require action, versus attempting customer service via Instagram’s notification feed. Bonus: it syncs up with Hootsuite.

3. Panoramiq

It can be hard to keep tabs on trending hashtags and competitors. This tool takes the stress out of that by taking care of the logistics. It’s easy-to-navigate dashboard lets you track and compare the performance multiple hashtags and competitors at once.

Notes and assignments are integrated with Hootsuite’s platform, and can be saved to Evernote, OneNote, PDF, CSV, Google Sheets and more.

Panoramiq Instagram tool

4. Chute

Reposting user-generated content can be a great way to engage with you audience and populate your feed social proof of your brand in action. But looking for the right content is time consuming.

This app helps you build and organize a content library based on tags, geo-locations, and image-recognition technology. And it clears usage rights for you, too.

Chute Instagram tool

Instagram photo editing tools

Enhance your Instagram posts with these helpful photo editing tools.

5. Boomerang

Created by Instagram, Boomerang is a fun app that lets you create looping mini-videos to cool effect. Done well, these videos catch the eye more than static images, and can be posted as Instagram Stories, too.

Boomerang Instagram tool

6. Adobe Lightroom CC app

Edit photos professionally with the Adobe Lightroom CC Photo Editor app. A range of tools help you make sophisticated edits, from removing unwanted logos or imperfections, to adjusting background colours to coordinate with your brand’s style.

Presets are also available for quick and easy enhancements, including these free Instagram presets.


VSCO Instagram tool

VSCO remains one of the top choices for photo editing thanks to its popular “film-like” presets and editing tools. Users also have access to video coloring and editing tools, which are useful for both video posts and Instagram Stories.

8. Snapseed

Developed by Google, Snapseed is a free photo editing app that offers a smooth workflow and several easy-to-use tools that help creators edit for mobile.

9. PromoRepublic

This free tool offers a gallery of more than 100,000 templates and images for holidays and events, or everyday purposes. Its customization and editing tools make it easy to add branding and customize details.

Once finished the image can be published directly from Hootsuite’s dashboard.

Find more photo editing tools.

Instagram Stories tools

Instagram Stories may be one of the last places where candid content is accepted. But if you’re running a business account, you may want to spruce things up with some of these tools.

10. Filmm

 Filmm Instagram tool

Created by Zoella and A Beautiful Mess, the recently released Filmm app offers free filters, story splitting save options, video editing tools, and more via in-app purchases.

11. Canva

Canva offers a large library of Instagram Stories (and post) templates that can be customized accordingly. Canva is great for designing infographics, too.

12. Unfold

Unfold offers a range of minimal templates for Instagram Stories. The app also launched an Unfold for Brands agency that creates custom templates for clients like Equinox.

Find some more free, easy-to-use Instagram Stories templates.

Instagram ads tools

Ensure your Instagram ad campaigns perform their best with these apps and tools.

13. AdEspresso

AdEspresso Instagram tool

As an Instagram partner, AdEspresso is well-equipped when it comes to creating Instagram ads. Advertisers can run and track split tests on Instagram or across multiple channels, including Facebook and Google Ads. The Grid Composer allows you to create multiple Instagram ads in bulk.

14. Shopping on Instagram

Instagram shopping

More than 70% of people who like shopping use Instagram for product discovery. Connect your Instagram business account to a Facebook catalogue so that your audience can buy the products they discover with your account.

15. LIKEtoKNOW.it

LIKEtoKNOW.it Instagram tool

LikeToKnow.it helps brands create shoppable influencer images on Instagram. Users can discover and curate collections of thousands of shoppable influencer images daily.

16. Keyhole

For businesses running a campaign with a branded hashtag, Keyhole’s hashtag analytics tool is a useful way to track the hashtag in real-time across Instagram and other platforms. Keyhole also offers analytics and social monitoring tools.

Instagram tools for bio links

Your Instagram account bio is the only place in the app that supports clickable link. Make that link count with these Instagram marketing tools.

17. Sked Link

Sked Link allows you to create a custom landing page that links to wherever you see fit, whether that’s your Facebook, Twitter, website, blog, or a contest page. It’s basically a link that links Instagrammers to multiple links.

18. Shorby

Like Sked, Shorby lets you customize a link directory. You can link to Messenger, Skype, Whatsapp, websites, articles, or any other page you’d like to direct people to visit. In addition to link tracking, Shorby helps you retarget people who clicked on your link with Instagram ads.

Instagram tools for analysis and reporting

These tools will help you stay on top of your Instagram analytics tracking and reporting.

19. Instagram Insights

Instagram’s business account analytics tool is naturally one of your best—and most basic—primary sources for tracking Instagram analytics.

20. Hootsuite Analytics

As an official Instagram partner, Hootsuite Analytics has access to real-time Instagram data. Hootsuite’s analytics dashboard goes above and beyond Instagram Insights, offering historical data, comparative analysis, customizable reports, and more. You can also monitor your accounts response time, and rank comments by positive or negative sentiment.

In addition to account metrics, Hootsuite Analytics also offers social listening tools that can track tags, mentions, keywords, and competitors.

21. Unmetric

Unmetric dashboard

When is comes to finding benchmarking data, this research tool comes in really handy. Its newsfeed contains upward of 150 million posts from more than 40,000 brands.

But if you plug in industry, date range, and geography details, it hones in on the content that’s relevant to your brand. Results can be sorted by an engagement score, likes, comments, and shares so you can compare your Instagram profile against competitors.

22. Mentionlytics

Install Mentionlytics to track every mention of your company, competitors, or other keywords. This tool is compatible for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Pinterest, as well of other web sources like blogs, and news articles.

Best of all, this tool is integrated with Hootsuite.

23. Display Purposes

Display Purposes is a good tool for keeping tabs on which hashtags are most popular. A map and graph feature shows you where hashtags are hottest and what tags are being used alongside them.

24. Keyhole

Keyhole dashboard

For businesses running a campaign with a branded hashtag, Keyhole’s hashtag analytics tool is a useful way to track the hashtag in real-time across Instagram and other platforms. Keyhole also offers analytics and social monitoring tools.

Instagram tools for influencer and audience management

Use these tools to cultivate more informed relationships with your followers and influencer connections.

25. Social Rank

Social Rank lets you sort and filter your audience based on different parameters (from most influential to most valuable, to most engaged), so you can determine the best ways to connect with your different followers.

26. HypeAuditor

For advertisers that actively recruit influencers, HypeAuditor is an easy way to gain perspective on an influencer’s reach and audience. This knowledge may be useful when it comes to negotiating influencer rates, or tracking the relative performance of an influencer campaign.

This tool doesn’t use Instagram’s API, so it will only work with public accounts that have more than 1,000 followers.

27. Fourstarzz Influencer Recommendation Engine

Fourstarzz Instagram tool

With a database of more than 150,000 influencers, Fourstarzz makes it easy to connect with Instagram personalities that fit your brand values.

Fill out the form to create a campaign proposal and a list of recommended influencers. You also get content tips and estimated results. It’s a good way to test the waters before locking yourself into a contract.

Bonus: Fourstarzz integrates with Hootsuite.

Manage your Instagram presence alongside your other social channels and save time using Hootsuite. From a single dashboard you can schedule and publish posts, engage the audience, and measure performance. Try it free today.

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