Different Functions of Online Blog


With the huge number of readers, online blogs have become very popular. Blogs are gradually making more impact on the internet as well as the outside day by day. An online blog can be of different types and about different topics. There are text blogs, picture blogs, music blogs, video blogs and even blogs that include all the above mentioned elements. The most common among these is a text blog where articles are written and published by the author. There are blogging websites or blog hosting websites on the internet, that provide the basic structure of a blog and the user has to design it as per his liking. A blog can also be a separate website. Another form of blogging that has gained popularity over the past few years is a blog hat is maintained like a diary, with daily events. Many famous celebrities are into blogging; this is in order to interact with the fans without much hustle. A micro blog is a short online blog that has a limit to the maximum number of character entries. A very important part of an online blog is the viewers and the readers. Almost in every blog or blog site there is a place given to the readers to express their views or post comments on a specific topic.

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