The British royal family is looking for a social media whizz


If your Facebook messages, Instagram posts, and Twitter musings have always had an air of royalty about them, then you could be the perfect fit for a new job at Buckingham Palace.

The U.K.’s royal family is looking for someone to help manage its online presence to keep fans up to date with everything the Queen and her offspring get up to, though it’s likely that some shenanigans won’t make the cut.

The royal household has been operating a bunch of social media accounts for years now, but the suggestion that the U.K.’s 93-year-old head of state spends her time squinting at a smartphone posting Facebook updates and pithy tweets seems like a stretch.

That’s why it has someone else to do it.

The successful applicant will take on the role of Digital Communications Officer and be paid around 30,000 British pounds ($38,000) for their troubles. A whopping 33 days of paid annual leave is also part of the package, and you’ll have an office address the envy of many: Buckingham Palace.

According to the job posting, the role will involve finding “new ways to maintain the Queen’s presence in the public eye and on the world stage” via social media and other online platforms, while daily activities will include managing and overseeing the daily flow of royal-related news on those platforms, at the same time as highlighting the role and work of the royal family.

But it won’t all be witty tweets and clever captions, as the job also requires researching and writing feature articles for the family’s recently revamped website. Proven photography and video production skills are also needed.

The Windsors’ current online activities include a website, a Facebook page, and several Twitter accounts that include @royalfamily with 4 million followers and @kensingtonroyal with 1.8 million followers. It also has identically named Instagram accounts with 5.9 million and 8.9 million followers, respectively.

“Whether you’re covering a state visit, award ceremony, or royal engagement, you’ll make sure our digital channels consistently spark interest and reach a range of audiences,” the job ad says. “With an eye to the future, you’ll help hone and shape our digital communications through analytics, monitoring, and exploring new technologies.”

To have any chance of nabbing the job, you’ll clearly need plenty of experience of using social media in a high-profile environment, and be bristling with ideas on how to boost the royal family’s online presence without causing a controversy.

If you consider yourself a bit of a social media whizz and rather like the idea of having the Queen as your boss, then you have until May 26 to throw your hat in the ring.

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