Should You Partner with Instagram or YouTube Influencers to Promote Your Brand? [Infographic]


Influencer marketing can yield significant results, particularly on visual-focused platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Both platforms offer major potential. There are various ways you can leverage Instagram, including posts, Stories, live videos, even messaging – all of which can help your brand to connect with your target audience. Similarly, you can use YouTube to promote your brand and your products. You might even consider YouTube Stories, to get the attention of your target market.

But a key question is which social platform will provide the most benefit for your brand, in an influencer marketing sense?

It can be difficult to choose between them, but with limited budget and time, you will likely need to make one your key focus.

To help, this infographic provides a comparative overview of the two platforms and their various features, highlighting the potential of each, which may help guide your process. 

Instagram vs YouTube Influencers - Whom Should You Choose For Your Brand?