10 Leading Fashion Brands Rocking it on Instagram [Infographic]


Finding a new catwalk, fashion brands are strutting their stuff on Instagram with gusto.

The Talkwalker team recently scrutinized 27 luxury brands, and compared their various Instagram marketing strategies.

If your brand is ‘Instagrammable’ (i.e. takes a good photo) check out what the team learned when it took a deep dive into ten leading fashion brands. In addition, the Talkwalker team also pulled out five best practices based on these brands, which will help put any brand onto the fast track to Instagram success.

Looking for Instagram marketing inspiration? Check out the infographic listing below.

Talkwalker infographic - Instagram marketing strategy

So what do these brands do well? Here are five key tips we learned from our analysis.

1. Focus on post types that are engaging the most

Compare the engagement levels across image, carousel and video – and don’t forget stories.

Define how you craft your associated captions, and understand how this impacts engagement. Always include relevant hashtags and emojis, and analyze the impact of these.

2. Develop the most impactful influencers

Discover who’s already talking about your brand. Who could be talking about your brand? What size and kind of community are they influencing? Are macro influencers or micro influencers generating the most engagement?

3. Create a schedule based on audience activity

Is your brand engaging a global or local audience? When are your target audiences most active?

Does your profile target regions outside of the US? If so, your team should schedule posts to cover all time zones, especially if you’re creating specific posts for specific regions. This will help to generate even more engagement for your brand.

4. Define usage of your hashtags

Hashtags represent a fundamental element of your Instagram marketing content strategy, and you should seek to constantly optimize them.

Do you have general hashtags that you’re using throughout the year? Do you use planned hashtags for specific campaigns? Are those hashtags clear and catchy for all your audiences?

5. Continue to analyze, interpret and engage

The optimization of your Instagram marketing strategy is not a spot activity, but an ongoing process – you need to assess it regularly with the best Instagram analytics tools.

You can read more from Talkwalker’s study here, including in-depth notes and analysis for some of the listed brands.